Victoria Beckham Reveals Why David Beckham Has Never Seen Her Natural Eyebrows

Victoria Beckham Says David Beckham Has NEVER Seen Her Eyebrows

Victoria Beckham wasn't called Posh Spice for nothing!

There's no doubt the former Spice Girls member is a beauty devotee. So, it's no surprise that when it comes to her routine, there's one rule she's not willing to break.

"I'm obsessed with brows," Victoria, who wed David Beckham in 1999, told Allure in an interview published Dec. 14. "My husband has never seen me without my eyebrows."

And if you're wondering why that's been the case? Well, she believes the retired soccer player would kick her to the curb.

"My desert island [product] is definitely my brow," she told makeup artist Lisa Eldridge in a Dec. 7 YouTube video. "You know, David has never seen me without my brow. Honestly, he'd file for divorce, he would."

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And while the 49-year-old is a beauty aficionado, she does draw the line with certain cosmetic procedures. 

"People have also said that I've had a nose job," Victoria noted last year. "Never had a nose job, always had a nose like this."

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Instead, the former musician credited her makeup skills for enhancing her features.

"It is the nose trick and that is where I love my Bronzing Brick," she continued, showcasing the product from her eponymous beauty line. "Each compact has two different tones so you can use it to contour as well as to bronze."

She also has a blush technique she swears by that adds radiance to her skin.

"For me, blush is what pulls my whole look together and brings my complexion to life," she previously shared with E! News. "What shade I choose depends on the look I'm going for—I love the vivid pink shade Rollerskate to brighten my whole complexion—I just use a tiny bit on my cheeks, and a little on my lips, and blend with my fingertips." 

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Of course, Victoria isn't the only celebrity to share her beauty hacks. Keep reading to see all of the trendy makeup and skincare tips that have taken over social media.

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Victoria Beckham Reveals Why David Beckham Has Never Seen Her Natural Eyebrows

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