The One Number That Shows Why Climate Change Is Making Hurricane Season Worse

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have reignited discussions about the link between global warming and extreme weather, with climate scientists now saying they can show the connections between the two phenomena… Read more

The Shipping Industry Sets Sail for Net-Zero Future at COP26

At COP26 this year, the climate advocacy organization Arctic Basecamp had a four-ton piece of glacier shipped from Greenland to Glasgow in what was supposed to be a visual reminder… Read more

The Disturbing History of African-Americans and Medical Research Goes Beyond Henrietta Lacks

Ask a given person what they know about the history of the use of African-Americans as unwilling research subjects and they are likely to mention one infamous incident: Tuskegee. “Such… Read more

Consumer interest in fair trade at all-time high

Research by the Natural Marketing Institute found that 67% of consumers recognize the Fair Trade Certified seal. This percentage saw an 8% growth over the course of 2015คำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. The… Read more

EU antitrust regulators may narrow Amazon investigation

Splitting up the Amazon case could address complaints by rivals that antitrust enforcers take too long to address harm done to them through anti-competitive practices and that rulings fail to… Read more

Peru Textiles brand makes its debut

With a 12.2 per cent share in non-traditional total exports, the textile industry is Peru’s main exporting manufacturing sector thanks to its high quality standards and excellent commodities.“This new brand… Read more

Ann Summers is the UK’s most searched-for lingerie brand

Ann Summers, which sell erotic accessories as well as lingerie, has emerged as Britain’s most searched-for brand with 823k monthly searches, almost doubling the number of monthly visits of the… Read more

Swiss watchmakers fear job cuts as coronavirus crisis hits sales

Swiss watch exports plunged 68% in May, as Covid-related store closures led to a sales collapse in major markets, along with the impact of protests in the United States and… Read more

French apparel- Consumers head for -deconsumption,- finds French Fashion Institute

According to the IFM, the market has been declining since 2008, and 2018 is expected to be one of the worst years in the last ten. Since 2007, the market… Read more

Swiss watchmakers make up for lost time as China sales tick higher

The industry is slowly emerging from a severe downturn caused by a Chinese crackdown on gifts for favours, a massive overstock in its top market Hong Kong and the flight… Read more
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